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  William A. Pelz - Against Capitalism: The European Left on the March

August 11, Saturday, 4 PM
Open University of the Left
2040 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago
at the In These Times building, second floor

Info: www.openuniversityoftheleft.org/

In his new book Against Capitalism, William Pelz provides an incisive
new survey of the history of the European Left during the half century
between the Paris Commune (1871) and the years following the close of
World War I (1921). Against Capitalism proves that it was the massive,
militant struggle of millions of average persons who forced
concessions such as the welfare state and free elections to
Parliament, and that the gains in living standards and political
rights of Europeans did not flow from the good graces of industrial
capitalism. The book shows that without understanding this
revolutionary vision and the pressure it placed on European rulers, it
is difficult to understand contemporary society. Dr. Pelz demystifies
the main currents of the socialist era's contending movements, and
presents a refreshing antidote to the current amnesia about this
critical period in the struggles of working people in Europe.

Open Univeristy of the Left is proud to host the premier book release
party for Against Capitalism.

Bill Pelz holds a Ph.D. in contemporary European history. He is the
author of The Spartkusbund and the German Working Class Movement
(1988) and Wilhelm Liebknecht and German Social Democracy (1994) and
editor of The Eugene V. Debs Reader: Socialism and Democracy (2000).
His articles and book reviews have appeared in the American Historical
Review, International Labor and Working Class History, German History,
Sozialismus, JahrBuch für Forschungen zur Geschichte der
Arbeiterbewegung, and International Labor History Yearbook among

â-S "A brilliant introduction to the adolescent years of socialism in
Europe." (Ronald van Raak, Member of Dutch Parliament, Socialist Party
of the Netherlands)

â-S "This book will profoundly enlighten anyone interested in the
understanding of this crucial phase of modern European history."
(Sobhanlal Datta Gupta, Surendra Nath Banerjee Professor of Political
Science, University of Calcutta, India)

â-S "Against Capitalism broadens our horizons, enriches our
perceptions, and helps us better understand the history of world
communism." (Alexander V. Pantsov, Professor of History, Capital

â-S "Although the revolutionary Left failed in its goal of destroying
capitalism as a basis of political power and instituting a classless
society, it played a major and positive role in creating the world we
know. Pelz explains this paradox, while maintaining a well-paced
narrative of the individual men and women, sometimes heroic and
sometimes less so, who built and staffed this movement." (Steven
McGiffen, Editor of Spectre Magazine ( France); Visiting Professor of
International Relations, American Graduate School of International
Relations and Diplomacy, Paris)

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