[Marxism] Juventud Rebelde: The Age of Bad Manners (I)

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Tue Aug 7 07:59:12 MDT 2007

(Important look at some of the many social problems which afflict
Cuba today. Family breakdown, materialism, decline in public
civility, etc. are part of a more general process which confronts the
Cuban Revolution today. Cuba's media often, and properly, emphasizes
the gains of Cuba's revolutionary process. But the maintenance of the
Revolution during the "special period", which has included social
differentiation and growing materialism, are alarming symptoms of a
troubled domestic situation on the island. It's not possible to solve
problems if you don't acknowledge and address them, as this and other
articles in JUVENTUD REBELDE have been doing in several long, and
very detailed investigative reports.)

The Age of Bad Manners (I)

Several factors have brought about indiscipline and the loss of 
basic social values during the years of the economic crisis in Cuba.

By: Margarita Barrio and Dora Perez
Email: cida at jrebelde.cip.cu
2007-08-06 | 15:40:05 EST

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