[Marxism] The transition to capitalism: is it in our genes?

Lajany Otum lajany_otum at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Aug 8 07:07:54 MDT 2007

Oh yeah, the British Empire was built on the middle class values of non-violence, 
literacy and long working hours.... I don't suppose either the author or the 
Joker who forwarded this shit had in mind the long working hours of the slaves
on plantations in in the West Indies, or the children working the English mines,
or the Indian labourers who were transported to build railways for the British 
Empire in Africa and were eaten in the dozens by lions there while doing the 
same.... As for non violence, well....

Sayan, in future, why don't you just stick this sort of material in the proverbial?

Lajany Otum

A Joker writes:

<<This is what the NYT article says on this:

"The middle-class values of nonviolence, literacy, long working hours
and a willingness to save emerged only recently in human history, Dr.
Clark argues.

"Because they grew more common in the centuries before 1800, whether
by cultural transmission or evolutionary adaptation, the English
population at last became productive enough to escape from poverty,
*followed quickly by other countries with the same long agrarian


Where is the distinction that you mention, being made? I don't see him
making such a distinction at all.>>

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