[Marxism] A Third Opportunity to Influence the Cuban Revolution

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Wed Aug 8 11:01:05 MDT 2007

I began my organized life in politics as a member of the Young
Socialist Alliance, the youth group allied with the Socialist Workers
Party of the United States of America. I joined the youth in 1962,
the party in 1967, and had my involuntary departure from the SWP in
1983. The following is a contribution posted to the SWP's Internal
Discussion Bulletin which I posted in 1979, and through this, the
interested reader can see some of the topics which were under being
Discussed at that time, and what alternatives I proposed to them.
Looking back at this a couple of days ago, I really dreaded the 
literary style, but the ideas seem to hold up fairly well.

Scanners are wonderful tools, aren't they?)

A Third Opportunity to Influence the Cuban Revolution
By Walter Llppmann, Los Angeles Branch

Socialist Workers Party Discussion Bulletin
Vol. 36, No, 18, pp. 25-29 July 1979

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