[Marxism] Bonds Hits No. 756 to Break Hank Aaron's Record

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Wed Aug 8 17:28:12 MDT 2007

Danielle Ni Dhighe wrote:
> I stand by what I said.  Racism is not the prime motivator for
> criticism of Barry Bonds.  It may be for a loud minority of his
> critics, but the majority of the criticism I'm hearing isn't rooted
> in racism but rather in the suspicion that Bonds may have cheated his
> way to the top and wrongfully dethroned Hank Aaron as the home run
> king.  This is from talking and listening to *people* rather than the
> skewed world of sports radio.

"Prime motivator" is too strong. Let us say that impolite blacks have
always gotten very bad treatment from u.s. sports writers. Liston was a
thug but polite to sports writers, so they were all rooting for him
against the uppity Ali. Bonds has not bowed before their highnesses and
hence the pile-up on him.

Of course they don't express racism directly. I don't see how they
could. And the "cheating" is just as much nonsense as the "plagiarism"
in Churchill's case. One sportswriter in the Tribune today, perhaps
grudgingly but nevertheless fully puts the case for Bonds as a player
steroids or no steroids:


Colorlines magazine (I've seen only the headline so far) asks "What if
the Duke Lacrosse Players Were Black?" Always assume there is a racist
element in u.s. events.


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