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Green Left Weekly #720, August 8, 2007
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Michael Moore exposes Bush's "Sicko" system

Sicko is probably Moore’s most radical production to date and one which
will make you hate Grey’s Anatomy with all its “glamorous” but totally
phoney representations of health care in the US. The US health-care
system — the word “care” seems far too generous after seeing this film —
is so exclusive that 45 million US residents are today highly
vulnerable, completely without medical insurance. “But this movie’s not
about them,” says Moore. Rather, the film reveals how the private health
insurance companies shatter so many lives among the “quarter billion
Americans who do have insurance”.

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Howard's divisive plans back fire

When it emerged that Kafeel Ahmed, one of the men implicated in the June
30 botched terrorist attack in Glasgow, had a second cousin working in
the Gold Coast Hospital in Queensland, it must have seemed to the Howard
government that its election worries were over. Racism, xenophobia and
the manufactured threat of terrorism have served Howard well in previous
elections. However this time it backfired, with more public anxiety
about the frame-up of Dr Mohamed Haneef than about supposed terrorists
in our midst.

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