[Marxism] Bonds Hits No. 756 to Break Hank Aaron's Record

danielle at irsm.org danielle at irsm.org
Thu Aug 9 09:22:14 MDT 2007

>By "ordinary" folks, you mean of course "White" folks. 

Naveen, don't fucking put words in my mouth that imply that I'm a racist. 
The "ordinary people" comment was from Carrol, actually.

>And according to you Marxists should not take on racism, because it
>offends backwards sections of the class that votes for Bush!

According to me, racism should be challenged at every opportunity.  Real
racism, not the imaginary kind where questioning if an athlete used
steroids is deemed racist.  

And as for the backwards sections of the class that votes for Bush, if all
we as Marxists can offer them is our derision and sneering down our
collective noses at them, then we have no chance of ever engaging them on
any level.  Call me old fashioned, but I think the race question can only
be resolved as part of the broader class question.


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