[Marxism] Marxism Digest, Vol 46, Issue 20

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Thu Aug 9 09:36:56 MDT 2007

Dbachmozart at aol.com wrote:
> comrade, your opinion on this matter reveals how much of a disconnect you
> have from Black America who, according to an ESPN poll  overwhelmingly feels
> that racism is, while not the only  factor behind the Bondsophobia, certainly is
> an important one. Aaron, a man who  never opened his mouth during the 60s and
> 70s about the  struggle against racism, is "the good negro" - an old game of
> the racist power  structure going back to slavery days. (See Malcolm X on "the
> house negro vs. the  field negro".) Aaron vs. Bonds, Floyd Paterson vs.
> Muhammed Ali, Dr. King (after  he's dead) vs. Malcolm - an old story.

This is core.

Also -- as many articles have pointed out by now, the antipathy of
sports writers to Bonds goes back to a time when no one was concerned
with steroids: Bonds was not friendly to sportswriters. An unforgivable
sin, and even _more_ unforgivable in a black man who really ought to
feel eternal gratitude for being let in the gate.

I listened to the Ali-Liston fight over the radio, and it provided the
greatest episode in sports-radio history, in Ali's dressing room. The
reporters were shouting questions, and Ali whipped them into shape:
before he would reply to any question he forced them to chant in unison:
"You're the Greatest! You're the Greatest." Most satisfying.

That fight was particularly interesting because in all but one respect
Liston was the "bad Negro" and Ali the "good Negro." But Ali was uppity!
How the sportswriters hated him as long as they could without being
really ridiculous.


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