[Marxism] ANC govt terrified of music, says Hugh Masekela [?!?!]

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Thu Aug 9 09:40:25 MDT 2007

This is exactly what I think. Thanks for putting it so clearly and
eloquently. No individual or political force should be exempt from
criticism. There's no opinion which cannot be discussed, or action
which cannot be evaluated. It's really a question of how it's done.
My objection is to the evident campaign by some on the left today 
for whom the ANC can never to anything right.

That's what I was responding to when I saw posted the complaint by
Hugh Masakela, a musician whose work I've always liked. I asked if
there couldn't be SOMETHING else involved when he said he feared he
couldn't get a gig in South Africa. I posted a comment by Pallo
Jordan praising such artists as Hugh Masekela and others from the
sixties. Considering how highly South Africa's Minister of Arts
and Culture speaks of Masekela, Miriam Makeba, Abdullah Ibrahim
and many others, it seems curious that he should complain that
he can't perform in South Africa. Anyway, we haven't heard any 
facts to substantiate what Masekela is quoted as claiming here.

Walter Lippmann
Los Angeles, California

Address by Minister Z. Pallo Jordan at the occasion 
of the Night of the 60’s Awards Ceremony.
MIKHAIL wrote:
I don?t believe Walter was saying you should not criticize the ANC,
what I believe he meant to say is that is VERY easy to critique from
AFAR , many of the criticisms made regarding the ANC are likely valid, 
it is the bombastic holier than thou conclusions that freak me out.

Keep in mind that the ANC is not just a slogan, it was for a long
time the leading anti apartheid force, many of its members paid with
their lives to liberate SA from the apartheid joke, I have known 
a few that I am proud to call comrades and currently the ANC is
actually made up of thousands of members who don?t necessarily agree
with the path some in the leadership are taking, this is true of
pretty much every single political organization I know of, The SACP
an ally of the ANC, for example, is very critical of some of the
things the government is pulling but in a more mature approach are
not calling for hell on earth and for putting themselves on a warpath
with the ANC. Extreme left posturing like that can get people killed
in my experience. I propose a more rational approach, criticism is
vital, CONSTRUCTIVE criticism is that is, it is revolutionary to
honestly point out what you feel is wrong with any given policy, but
you have to understand a bit of the history of the movement in South
Africa as well before we start lecturing them.

I fully agree that electoral politics don't tell the whole story, 
but you have to be real careful to not fully ignore them as well, 
they are after all a sample of the mood, right or wrong, of the
population, in particular if there is massive participation like
there has been in South Africa, say as opposed to the United States.

One last point, in my opinion there is nothing wrong with creating 
an ?opposition? to the ANC if there was nobody left on the ANC that
didn?t share our concerns. But if the ANC still represents the
majority of the working class in South Africa, which I believe they
still do, I will continue my critique while working with them, after
all I am not in the business of simply proving to the world that 
I am right. I prefer to become part of the vanguard working with 
the people than self appointing myself as one. There is no need to
suppress your principles but to make such sweeping statements is a
bit dangerous in my eyes, I rather work to radicalize the ANC every
day than simply writing it off with no view of the consequences.



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