[Marxism] Kirchner and Chavez Call for Integration (Juventud Rebelde)

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Kirchner and Chavez Call for Integration 
They signed new agreements on cooperation. 
Uruguay, Bolivia and Ecuador are the next places to visit 
in the Latin American tour of the Venezuelan president

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Buenos Aires, Aug 7 (Prensa Latina) Argentinean President Nestor
Kirchner and his Venezuelan counterpart Hugo Chavez bet Tuesday on
the Latin American trade and energy integration, and strengthening
bilateral relations, according to a report from Prensa Latina News
Agency on the brief visit of the Venezuelan president to Argentina
before going to Uruguay, Bolivia and Ecuador.

Since Chavez’ arrival in this capital on Monday, both statesmen
ratified in their speeches the need of paving the way for the South
American alliance, Prensa Latina news agency reported.

«We have never said the way to union will be easy, but we will
overcome those obstacles,» the Venezuelan leader stated Monday night
before being honoured at a dinner by Kirchner and the first lady and
presidential candidate Cristina Fernandez.

«We have, Chavez said, the largest gas reserves on the continent and
we want to help with integration and development by bringing gas and
development from the Caribbean. We broke the agreements with
multinationals from North America that brought us a coup d’etat and
almost costs my life,» he recalled.

Chavez said that «the gas that Brazil and Argentina need is in
Venezuela and Bolivia».

Kirchner confirmed his support for Venezuela’s entry as a partner of
the Southern Common Market (MERCOSUR by its abbreviation in Spanish),
after signing energy agreements at the Argentinean presidential home.

«We believe firmly in the consolidation of MERCOSUR. Venezuela’s
contribution is really important,» said the Argentinean president,
who also advocates bringing Mexico closer to the union.

During the ceremony held at the governmental venue, the two
presidents signed a memorandum of understanding for the design and
construction of facilities for the re-gasification of natural liquid
gas and the setting up of the bi-national energy company

«Actions are made gradually. This plant of re-gasification is nothing
more than the beginning of the creation of conditions for the
Gasoduct of the South, together with the Gasoduct of the Northeast,»
Kirchner explained.

During his visit to Argentina, Chavez visited the National Institute
of Industrial Technology (INTI by its abbreviation in Spanish), where
he signed collaboration agreements and he noted that the subcontinent
must develop the gas industry quickly to counteract the approaching
oil shortage.

In that sense, the Venezuelan president considered that the energy
agreements signed with his Argentinean counterpart Kirchner are
important, since they are another step towards the creation of a
South American system of collaboration.

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