[Marxism] On Barry and Baseball

Naveen Jaganathan naveenkj3 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 9 19:10:39 MDT 2007

It is quite telling how the discourse on racism has moved so far to the
right, when you have to defend Bonds' achievement to Marxists.  The Left has
adapted to the era of color-blind racism, when somehow what White people
think about Bonds -- assumption of guilt, cheater, etc. -- can indeed be
defended as "objective," removed from a racist context.  It apparently
doesn't matter that a vast majority of Black people have an "objectively"
different view of these things, root for Bonds, while being derided by White
America. To people of color, this is just another example of the criminal
justice system railroading a brother.  That Bonds himself will stand up to
the racism, that he will call the system into question, bring charges
against the sports-industrial-complex -- the reason he is feared and
demonized -- that a Black sociologist of sports, Henry Edwards would claim a
similarity between the vilification of Aaron, and of Bonds, should put
Marxist on alert and ready to defend against racism. That some on this list
would flippantly dismiss that racism has anything to do with the criticisms
of Bonds, and worse yet, pander to the "common sense" acceptance of the
White mainstream, that Bonds must have cheated, speaks to the sliding to the
right of some on the left on the question of race.  We are living through a
time when something like the case of the Jena 6 can happen without
mainstream criticism -- as if the victory of the Scottsboro boys and the
civil rights movement never took place in history.


On 8/9/07, Anthony Boynton <northbogota at yahoo.com> wrote:
> On Barry Bonds
> Personally I think Barry Bonds is a great baseball
> player. Period.
> The fact that he is not given his due by most of the
> press, and most of the fans outside of San Francisco,
> is due to racism, due to the suck ass mentality of
> sports journalism, and due to a totally false
> consciousness of the idyllic past of baseball, and
> AMERICA. (meaning the USA.)
> If a white guy had done what Barry did, and got away
> with it, there would be a ticker tape parade in New
> York, even if the guy played for the Red Sox.
> Baseball never was sportsmanlike. Corked bats and spit
> balls have always been used. Part of the game has
> always been finding a way to cheat and not get caught.
> What outrages the lying, hypocritical, cheating,
> racist journalists and fans is that maybe another
> black guy didn't cheat and surpassed Babe Ruth. What
> outrages them even more is that a black guy might have
> cheated and got away with it when white players
> couldn't.
> All the best, Anthony
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