[Marxism] Larry Doby

Michael Perelman michael at ecst.csuchico.edu
Thu Aug 9 19:28:17 MDT 2007

Growing up, I followed the Cleveland Indians.  They had an outfielder, Larry Doby.  
I did not like him.  I don't recall why.  Something was not right with him.

In retrospect, I know that I picked up a distaste for him because of his race.  I 
did not have a problem with his race, but people around me -- I was very young -- 
spoke ill of him.  I don't think that anybody ever mentioned race -- just that there 
was something off key about the way he played.  I just absorbed this mood.

I am sure if he had been white, I would have absorbed a very positive feeling about 

A few years later, when Satchel Paige came up, he was very exciting.

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