[Marxism] Mexico appoints ambassador, mends fences with Venezuela

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Thu Aug 9 20:29:02 MDT 2007

(Looks like Kirchner's visit and Chavez's call 
had a salutory effect on Mexico, which hasn't
been helped by Washington's fence-building on
the border with its closest southern neighbor.)

Mexico appoints ambassador, mends fences 
with Venezuela after presidential spat

The Associated Press Thursday, August 9,

MEXICO CITY: Mexico announced Thursday that it is reinstating its
ambassador to Venezuela, in a move that would restore full diplomatic
relations between the countries nearly two years after a rupture.

In late 2005, relations between Mexico and Venezuela were reduced to
lower-level diplomats because of spats between Venezuelan President
Hugo Chavez and then-Mexican President Vicente Fox.

On Tuesday, Chavez announced the appointment of a new ambassador to
Mexico: former Foreign Minister Roy Chaderton.

Mexico reciprocated Thursday. Jesus Mario Chacon Carrillo, currently
Mexico's ambassador to Colombia, will be the next ambassador to
Venezuela, the Mexican Foreign Relations Department said in a news

Chacon's appointment must be approved by Mexico's Congress and
accepted by Venezuela.

Fox criticized Chavez for opposing a U.S.-backed Free Trade Area of
the Americas, prompting Chavez to call Fox a "puppy" of the United
States and to declare, "Don't mess with me."

Mexico demanded an apology, but Chavez refused.

Later, Chavez refused to recognize the results of the 2006
presidential election, which President Felipe Calderon, of Fox's
conservative National Action Party, won by a razor-thin margin over
leftist candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

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