[Marxism] On Barry and Baseball

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Danielle, Shame! Why don't you quote the full results of the study:

Operative Clip from the article and my comments in brackets:

[The main conclusion of the study:]

"However, race plays a unique role. Black fans in the survey are more than
twice as likely to want Bonds to break Aaron's record (74 percent to 28
percent), and 37 percent of black fans think Bonds used steroids, compared
to 76 percent of white fans.  [Clear difference in assumption of guilt.]

Blacks are nearly twice as likely to think Bonds has been treated unfairly
(46 percent to 25 percent). Why? The survey found that 41 percent of black
fans think this is due to the steroids issue [Danielle only posted this
amazing finding.  What a dumb question and answer choice: Of course he's
taking heat because of "suspected" steroid use, conveniently the option is
only "steroid use," making it sound as if Blacks agree with Whites'
assumption of guilt, when clearly they don't.], 25 percent think it's
because of his race, and 21 percent blame Bonds' personality. [The problem
with Bond's "personality" is precisely that speaks out, and he's Black!]

For whites who think Bonds has been treated unfairly, 66 percent blame
steroids. Virtually none blame race.[They are "objective," of course, not

Older blacks (50 and over) are less likely to think Bonds took steroids (29
percent) than younger blacks (44 percent). There is no age difference among
whites. "

It should also be noted the study was conducted with around 700
participants, with a 7 point margin of error for Black respondents.

> A recent ESPN/ABC News survey found that 46% of black respondents
> think that Bonds is being treated unfairly, but only 25% of them
> think it's because of his race while 41% think it's because of the
> steroid controversy.
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