[Marxism] On Barry and Baseball

Danielle Ni Dhighe danielle at irsm.org
Thu Aug 9 22:21:57 MDT 2007

At 08:32 PM 8/9/2007, Naveen Jaganathan wrote:
 >Danielle only posted this amazing finding.

We can argue the survey results all you want, but no amount of 
twisting is going to turn them into proof that it's an act of racism 
to think Bonds used steroids or to hold a critical opinion of 
him.  There's certainly no unanimous opinion among blacks or whites 
on this particular subject.

Unlike Comrade Naveen, I have no amazing psychic powers with which to 
peer into the hearts of people to see who's a racist and who 
isn't.  We should all give three hurrahs for the presence of Comrade 
Naveen on this list or else we'd all be lost where racism is concerned.

I think Bonds probably used steroids.  If Comrades Naveen and Walter 
are to be believed, that makes me a racist (or at least a dupe of 
color-blind racism).  If either of them made such a suggestion to my 
face, I'd do the unladylike thing and loosen some of their teeth for them.

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