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The real debate about Iraq is between real, fake war foes
By Ira Chernus

The real debate about Iraq is just beginning to take shape. It's not
about whether U.S. troops should begin to leave Iraq. A vast majority
of Americans now agree on that point. Even at the White House,
insiders say, they've accepted it as inevitable.

The real debate is between genuine opponents of the war, who really
want to end our involvement in Iraq, and fake opponents who use
antiwar language to mask their endorsement of a continuing, perhaps
permanent, U.S. presence in that war-torn land.
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Ira Chernus is a Professor of Religious Studies at the University of
Colorado - Boulder.
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Look Quickly, You Might Miss It!
The Antiwar Majority

By Stan Cox

For the past year or so, a hefty majority of Americans have wanted out
of Iraq. Yet today, we have more troops, more government officials,
and more contractors entangled more deeply in that country's affairs
than at any time since the invasion.

That's partly because this nation has never spoken with one voice on
the invasion and occupation of Iraq. Instead, Americans have sorted
themselves into four categories:

   (1) consistently in favor,

   (2) for it before they were against it,

   (3) against it before they were for it, or

   (4) consistently opposed.

A closer look at categories 1 through 4 shows that even if, against
all odds, we force President Bush to pull troops out of Iraq, new wars
in other lands won't be long in coming:

Consistently in favor

There aren't as many of these folks as there used to be, either in the
general population or among national leaders. But Cheney, Bush,
Lieberman, and the down-but-never-out neocons are still getting their
way on Iraq policy, and they have been the target of most anti-war

They've also given the rest of us the opportunity to wash our hands of
responsibility for the catastrophe. To cite a prominent example:
Deceit always hangs thick over presidential debates, but one of the
most dishonest utterances ever uttered in such a forum was Hillary
Clinton's assertion that "this is George Bush's war."

For it before they were against it

This vast swath the of population includes rank-and-file members of
both major parties as well as most Democratic leaders, including
Clinton, her fellow presidential contender John Edwards, 2004
candidate John Kerry, and congressional war critic John Murtha.

Living proof that Iraq was never "George Bush's war," the bulk of this
group now professes dissatisfaction with the occupation only because
it has failed so spectacularly.
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Stan Cox is a plant breeder and writer in Salina, Kansas. His book
Sick Planet: Corporate Food and Medicine is coming next spring from
Pluto Press. He can be reached at t.stan at cox.net.

full at:  http://www.counterpunch.org/cox08072007.html

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