[Marxism] What are they up to with this social security, "no-match" crackdown?

Greg McDonald sabocat59 at mac.com
Fri Aug 10 05:56:11 MDT 2007

Joaquin Bustelo wrote:

"The NY Times has reported, and commented on in an editorial, that
Fatherland Security Reich-Fuehrer, Herr Chertoff, has pre-announced  
he will be
announcing a major escalation in the use of social security "no match"
letters to drive undocumented immigrants out of jobs.

And the details of the article make clear that this will be a policy of
selective enforcement aimed at corporations rather than wholesale
automated spitting out of letters.

[I'm not going to go over the details here. Go to www.nytimes.com and
findthe article and editorial if you don't know.]

On its face, if seriously meant and widely enforced, this policy
would be economic suicide for the country in general, and political  
for the Republicans in particular.

So this suggests to me that something different is going on. I just
wonder what it might be.

Throwing some red meat to the mad-dog immigrant haters in the Republican
base that look to Lou Dobbs is a factor. But for that I suspect
something more dramatic --factory and neighborhood raids, complete  
with perp
walks and so on-- would be better. And a lot less disruptive. You  
could do a
raid a week, complete with embedded reporters and camera crews from  
AND Lou Dobbs, and basically achieve absolutely NOTHING, perturb the
economy not in the slightest amount, and earn accolades not just from  
Dobbs, but
even from www.vdare.com.

So this doesn't make sense from the pandering to racists point of
view. It's too quiet, too bureaucratic, no good pictures for the TV."

Not necessarily, Joaquin. Recall that grass-roots republicans were  
commenting that the last round of immigrations raids was not enough  
to placate them on their anti-immigration stance. Some even suggested  
something to the effect that "just because we are racist does not  
mean we are stupid,"  (my interpretation, of course),  and,  
paraphrasing,  "if the administration thinks they can assuage us with  
some attention-getting immigration raids, then they don't really  
understand how serious we are."

So I suggest that placating the republican base could still be an  
administration strategy on the issue, in order to fill the gap  
created by not passing an "immigration reform" bill and take people's  
minds of the expanding pink elephant in the living room, aka the Iraq  

Also, your caricature of racists as a bunch of dumb rednecks  
underestimates their reptilian intelligence. While in graduate school  
I met many otherwise intelligent white people who were self- 
identifying racists, working within the halls of academe in the  
south, ph.d.'s  in computer science, future CIA recruits, people  
working on visual imagery programs for the air force, etc. They  
actually believed in social darwinism as scientific fact, and read  
books like "The Bell Curve". And they had no social science  
background to challenge their views. They studied hard science only.  
And certainly they had not read Marx.  Why would they?

  I do believe race is strong enough of a factor in the USA to shape  
policy into the irrational.  Is not our history one long commentary  
on that sad fact?


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