[Marxism] german k-groups in the 1970s

Angelus Novus fuerdenkommunismus at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 10 11:34:37 MDT 2007


Unfortunately I only know sources in German, but would
be happy to translate into English for you if you're

The first is a relatively short (critical) sub-chapter
on the K-Groups, of Geronimo's book _Feuer und
Flamme_.  Margareth Kuckuck's book _Student und
Klassenkampf_ also has material on various tendencies
of the left.

Henning Böke, who lurks on this list, has just
published an introductory book on Maoism, which is
published by www.theorie.org  I haven't had a chance
to check this one out yet.

--- kersplebedeb <info at kersplebedeb.com> wrote:

> i'm hoping someone here can help me: i'm looking for
> something to read 
> in english or french about the rise and fall of the
> k-groups in the FRG 
> in the 1970s... either online or (if that proves
> impossible) some kind 
> of reference i can order through the library.
> very much obliged...
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