[Marxism] ANC govt terrified of music, says Hugh Masekela [?!?!]

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The problem here is that the DSP blames the capitalist government of
South Africa for not being a revolutionary government, such as the
Democratic Socialists would themselves envision for South Africa.
It's an unreasonable standard. No government in the world can meet
such a standard. It's a set-up for failure. DSP has reached this
political conclusion, and operate from the conclusion that since
they must do bad things, that's all that the DSP is able to see.

As a result of the political decision with the Democratic Socialist
Perspective has made that the South African Government, let by the
African National Congress, and which is part of a Tri-Partite
Alliance which includes COSATU and the South African Communist Party,
is both a capitalist and a Baddd government, the DSP follows a
policy, like that of others, to condemn the South African government
on every possible occasion.

It would help me to understand the position of the Democratic
Socialists if they would explain if they have EVER viewed the South
African ANC-led government favorably. I haven't time to research this
now, but I have a feeling that the DSP has always been opposed to the
ANC. Is this right on this one point? Hostility toward the African
National Congress is one of the key political positions which the
Trotskyist movement has held to unswervingly from the beginning. The
U.S. SWP published an entire book by Ernest Harsch on this theme,
though if memory serves, they changed that position and withdrew that
book. At present I cannot find my copy of that book, but if my 63-year
old memory doesn't fail me, they were strongly against the AND back 
in 1980 when the book SOUTH AFRICA: White Rule, Black Revolt was
published (Monad, 352 pp. B/W photos). I could be mistaken but my
copy can't be located right now. By me! In my house!

Back when I began my days in the Trotskyist world, we had that policy
position of opposition to the ANC. That's part of the reason why we
toured such South African figures as I.B. Tabata and Franz J.T. Lee
around the United States, because we saw them as (hopefully) leftist
and nationalist rivals to the ANC, from the left of the ANC. We did
excellent work publishing their books and pamphlets which took a hard
line against the ANC. In the end, those groups were sidelined in the
actual struggle, though some of them continue to oppose the ANC from
the left. I believe that is what Dr. Neville Alexander continues to
do, and, of course, he's not alone.

The impression is dawning on my that when the DSP left the Fourth
International, it only left some of its Trotskyist heritage behind.
That's OK. There's wheat as well as chaff in the history of the
political world which is rooted in an interpretation of Trotsky's
ideas as he expressed them up until August 21, 1940. Since then, most
Trotskyists ideas appear to be frozen in time.

I am pleased and proud of my time and experience in the Trotskyist
movement. It had its flaws (mainly that perfectionistic emphasis on
programmatic correctitudanalism), but it had many good qualities.
Trotsky understood the need to support Third World leaders when they
were in combat with imperialism. He didn't spend much time
complaining about the flaws of Emperor Haile Selassie, since more
then realized he was a conservative, feudalistic figure.

Because of what it retained from Trotsky, the Socialist Workers Party
of the United States understood and grasped the importance Malcolm X

So I guess we've both kept some and chucked other things from our old
Trotskyist heritage. It's obvious, however, we've selected different
things to chuck and to retain.

Walter Lippmann
Los Angeles, California
p.s., given my commitments and priorities, I try to keep track of the
South African struggle, so I receive the same daily bulletin from the
SA Mail and Guardian which Norm receives, and from which he selects
his ANC-bashing documentation. It's quite an informative source for
news and information. I recommend it to anyone interested, as well
as the material from the ANC and SACP itself.

Here's a little bit of today's juicy alleged scandals within the 
South African Communist Party. I was almost going to make a sarcastic
joke about this being yet another of imperialism's efforts to sabotage
the South African Communist Party, vanguard of the working class there.

But that would be cruel, vulgar and could be misunderstood if taken at
face value, or taken literally. Generally speaking, the rich don't try
to bribe and corrupt tiny and irrelevant groups. This kind of big bux
is reserved from groups with greater influence in the mass struggle as
it costs more to bribe and corrupt bigger groups. 

That is, IF it happened....
NORM DIXON writes:
Frankly, Walter, I won't bother responding to your ridiculous patronisng 
reply beyond again urging you to actually follow the struggles of the 
movements against the neoliberal ANC regime, and listen to the views of 
the South African left.

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>Frankly, Walter, I won't bother responding to your ridiculous patronisng 
>reply beyond again urging you to actually follow the struggles of the 
>movements against the neoliberal ANC regime, and listen to the views of 
>the South African left.

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