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My  position is that Bonds probably used steroids and that criticism of 
him  isn't necessarily racist. I've already stated that I think racism 
may be  the prime motivator for some of Bonds' critics, but I think it's 
offensive  to chalk up all criticism to racism and to accuse dissenters 
from that  view of being racists or blind to racism. 
reply -
I agree with you Danielle - he, like probably so many others - may  have used 
either steroids, human growth hormone, or both. Honest people  can dislike 
him for this as well as for his long time surly  personality. However, no one on 
this list accused ALL of his critics of being  racists. Race as a factor is 
vehemently denied by many whites, according to the  polls. THIS is the issue 
being debated here. Race in the US is almost ALWAYS a  factor, and when Blacks 
say it, they're accused of "playing the race card" and  dismissed. The negative 
fan treatment that Bonds has received for possible drug  use and personality 
issues is blatantly different when compared to white  players who can be 
reasonably suspected of also having used something  illegal and not been too 
friendly to the media. No white athlete is  subjected to anything approaching the 
vitriol that is reserved for Black  athletes like Bonds - and others.

They also show that a significant number of them (anywhere  from 27% to 41%
when accounting for the margin of error in the ABC/ESPN  poll) think Bonds
has been treated fairly overall.  Speaking about  African Americans as if
they're a monolithic block with a unanimous opinion  is absurd.
reply -
No one here is arguing that Black America is a monolithic bloc, but  your 
playing with these numbers seems to be similar to your selective quotings.  27- 
41% thinking that Bonds has been treated fairly, means that 59 - 73%  feel that 
racism is a factor. If that number has  no meaning for US leftists, then piss 
on the left!!

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