[Marxism] Abbas' war against the Palestinian people

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Mahmoud Abbas' war against the Palestinian people 

By Ali Abunimah,  The Electronic Intifada, 10 August 2007
"Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert was apparently more
delighted by the  banquet prepared for him by the wife of
Palestinian chief negotiator Saeb  Erekat than he was with
meeting President Mahmoud Abbas in Jericho the day  before
yesterday," the Lebanese newspaper As-Safir reported on
its website  on 8 August, citing Israel's Channel 10
television station.

Channel  10's correspondent spoke of the "hospitality and
warmth" that marked Abbas'  reception of Olmert and his
delegation, noting that "Erekat's wife insisted  on
personally preparing and serving" the banquet. Olmert, the
report  added, "was unable to conceal his delight and
appetite for the rich food and  for the hospitality and
generosity" the Israelis received from their  Palestinian

Behind all the theater, the results of the meeting  were as
meagre as can be expected. Olmert publicly affirmed his
commitment  to the "two-state solution," while spokesmen
briefed the press that Israel  was not ready to discuss any
fundamental issues, such as borders, halting  colonial
settlements, or the rights of refugees. The exercise was
aimed at  maintaining the fiction of a "peace process" from
which Abbas will supposedly  one day be able to deliver

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