[Marxism] german k-groups in the 1970s

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at alphalink.com.au
Fri Aug 10 19:19:03 MDT 2007

Bill: the k-groups (K-Gruppen) were the "Marxist-Leninist" or "Maoist" 
groups that emerged out of the German new left. The K stands for Kommunist. 
More recently the term has also been used as a bit of a catch-all to cover 
more traditional Communism and Trotskyism.

If Angelus Novus has the time to translate, I suggest you start with German 
Wikipedia (link follows). I'd make the same offer to translate, but 
unfortunately I'm a bit snowed under.


The most interesting K-Group IMHO was the KB-Nord based in Hamburg, which 
was less stalinist and also less nationalist, and whose cadres played a role 
in the emergence of the Greens. The strongest group at its height was 
probably the Frankfurt-centred Kommunistischer Bund Westdeutschlands (KBW). 
These groups had a significant presence for a short time. The worst of the 
groups embraced German nationalism on the basis that "Soviet Social 
Imperialism" was the main enemy.

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