[Marxism] Kucinich praises Pelosi

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Kucinich praises Pelosi, urges Iraq withdrawal

Democratic presidential candidate outlines his agenda in SF visit

By Josh Richman
Oakland Tribune website, 08/10/2007

San Francisco -- Democratic presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich said 
Friday that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is a personal friend who's doing 
a great job, and he's just trying to give her the momentum she needs to 
pull the plug on the Iraq war.

Congress need not take another vote, he said: all it must do is order 
President Bush to use $97 billion in emergency supplemental spending 
recently approved for the war to withdraw the troops.

"It's time for the Democrats to show up and be square with the American 
people," he said, cautioning that if they don't, their Congressional 
majority will be in dire peril.
He said he would send Congress a bill for a nonprofit universal health 
care system -- Medicare for all. "This is really the test of the 
Democratic party," he said, claiming he's the only candidate willing to 
buck the insurance industry.

He said he would make a 15 percent cut in "the bloated Pentagon budget" 
and use that $75 billion to provide universal, quality preschool; better 
elementary and secondary education; and a starter fund for universal 
free college.

He also called for a Works Progress Administration-type project to 
rebuild the nation's infrastructure, as well as a green-oriented program 
to rally Americans in the cause of conserving energy. He said he sees 
ethanol as "a bridge" from oil and coal to truly sustainable, clean 
energy sources such as wind, solar and fuel cells.
Kucinich said U.S. troops in Iraq must be replaced with a multinational 
peacekeeping force; all U.S. "contractors and mercenaries" must be 
withdrawn; the United States must use all of its diplomatic acumen to 
facilitate reconciliation between Iraq's Sunni, Shiite and Kurdish 
populations; the U.S. must pay war reparations to the Iraqi people; and 
U.S. companies must not be allowed to pillage Iraq's oil resources.
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