[Marxism] On Barry and Baseball

dave.walters at comcast.net dave.walters at comcast.net
Sat Aug 11 01:39:42 MDT 2007

Jack, I respect you opinion even though you are a Marlins fan. I can let that go. You guys are kind of like
 the south of the Mason-Dixon line (which would include Baltimore, BTW) version of the White Sox. No,
 that's not fair, you guys actually won a couple of World-Series. But you just got that "expansion team 
stink" all over ya. Really :)

Anyway, I think you are very wrong if you think that the latent or overt racism one sees among *some* 
US baseball fans is what is driving the attacks on Bonds. This is what I get from what you wrote. The fans
 are lead around, by and large, by sports writers, and then, when the story gets big enough, like the
 McGuire scandels or all the others, then editorial and front page editors. If the papers put this in small
 boxes on the sports page of every page, it would hardly be a blip and all the signs with asteriks, etc,
 would go away. They lead, fans follow.

That white fans are racist, or not, I only go to a few games a year, is, really, besides the point. As I 
stated before, every big scandel in baseball over performance enhancing drugs has been pretty even
 across the board, it seems to me, with regards to race and climbs higher in visability as the player
 involved hits the general higher achivement of that player. You'd have to show me that the reporting for
 these previous scandals involving white players of *lesser* stature was substantially less than it is for
 Bonds. I don't think it was.

For the person who wrote that Hank Aaron was some kind of do-nothing flake when he broke Ruth's
 record, then you don't see the obvious differences. Bonds gets attention in the press, which gets non-
Giant's fns a handel to dis the guy, publically, non-racist for the most part. Aaron gets death threats, the
 *constant use of the N-word* at evey game he played at, shit thrown at him at every game, harrasement
 of the kind that came close to the kind  Jackie Robertson got when he played for the Dodgers. And
 people think Bonds was the victim of a racist onslaught? Gawwwd. I think Danielle is making this too
 much about her, but she's essentially correct on this, IMHO.

PS...my vote for best player *ever* is Satchel Paige, if you include the majority of his career 
in the Negro Leagues. 

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