[Marxism] On Barry and Baseball

Greg McDonald sabocat59 at mac.com
Sat Aug 11 06:13:28 MDT 2007

Dave Walters wrote:

"For the person who wrote that Hank Aaron was some kind of do-nothing  
flake when he broke Ruth's record, then you don't see the obvious  
differences. Bonds gets attention in the press, which gets non- 
Giant's fans a handel to dis the guy, publically, non-racist for the  
most part. Aaron gets death threats, the *constant use of the N-word*  
at evey game he played at, shit thrown at him at every game,  
harrasement of the kind that came close to the kind  Jackie Robertson  
got when he played for the Dodgers. And people think Bonds was the  
victim of a racist onslaught? Gawwwd. I think Danielle is making this  
too much about her, but she's essentially correct on this, IMHO."

That would be Jackie Robinson, Jackie Roosevelt Robinson.


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