[Marxism] America in Black and White

Joaquin Bustelo jbustelo at gmail.com
Sat Aug 11 08:38:29 MDT 2007

Walter forwarded an article from the Baltimore Sun that said in part:

"Not only are black fans far more sympathetic to Bonds, these polls say,
they are far more likely to believe race is a factor in the way he's

"An ESPN/ABC News poll released in May indicated that 74 percent of black
fans were rooting for Bonds to break the record compared to 28 percent of
white fans. ESPN said the telephone poll was conducted among a random
national sample of 799 adult baseball fans, including an oversample of 203

"A CBS News/New York Times poll released in July found that 62 percent of
black fans believed race was at least a minor factor in the steroid
suspicions around Bonds. Only 14 percent of white fans felt the same way."

*  *  *

I hope people will read this and think about what it says. On this list I've
argued at various time that white supremacy and domination is invisible to
white people, it's just "normal".

This is striking confirmation of that reality.


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