[Marxism] Video Games vs. Traditional Games (Juventud Rebelde)

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Sat Aug 11 09:53:35 MDT 2007

("Videogames are not a problem in themselves; regardless of the character-
istics of the product, what is really damaging is their unrestricted use, 
without any controls or restrictions.")
COMMENT: This phenomenon is one I've observed in Cuba where people get lost
in these machines and spend hours and hours mindlessly playing them, and
those who don't have them spend inordinate amounts of time trying to get
them and feeling inadequate when they don't have them. I remember myself 
feeling such sentiments in high school back in the late fifties and early 
sixties. This is part of the training we're all subjected to in the 
acceptance of consumerism as a way of life. So despite the U.S. blockade, 
Cuba is very much part of and influenced by broader cultural influences 
from the international, and predominantly capitalist, environment today. 
These are far, far more pernicious than Radio and TV Marti.

Psychologist Harriet Lerner, who wrote 
the book THE DANCE OF ANGER explained:

"Our society doesn't promote self acceptance and it never will.
First of all, self-acceptance doesn't sell products. Capitalism would
fall if we liked ourselves the way we are now. Also, people who feel
shamed and inadequate themselves tend to pass it on. I'm sure
you've noticed that many individuals and groups try to enhance
their self-esteem by diminishing others."

Walter Lippmann
Los Angeles, California

Video Games vs. Traditional Games
With their expansion, the video games have become an object 
of study as this phenomenon of modern society creates 
new challenges for parents and teachers alike
By: Lisandra Gomez Guerra, journalism student
Email: digital at jrebelde.cip.cu
2007-08-10 | 14:47:15 EST

Alejandro is happy. He finally got the most desired present for his 
11th birthday. After several months, the family bought what he wished 
for so much. Still incredulous, he looks at the back of the box. 
One cable here, another there, and it’s ready. There is no doubt, 
it’s exactly as he imagined it, the latest Playstation!


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