[Marxism] Freeman Dyson on scientific heretics and climate change

Bob Hopson bobhpsn at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 11 10:39:31 MDT 2007

Freeman Dyson is a pretty accomplished physicist.  I
believe he worked with Richard Feyman on quantum
electrodynamics, which united quantum mechanics with
classical electromagnetic theory.

In this essay, he argues for the need for scientific
heretics in general, and challenges some of the global
warming claims.  He also mentions that Thomas Gold's
theory of abiogenic origins of natural gas have
possibly been vindicated.


I post this because I think there is a tendency to
dismiss all heretics as crackpots, and they are not
always the same thing.  I don't think it is so easy to
dismiss Dyson as a crackpot.  Of course, he worked on
a secret Cold War project to use nuclear explosions as
a rocket propulsion system, so clearly he's not a man
who worried too much about fallout.

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