[Marxism] Tim Wise: What Kind of Card is Race? (Re: Barry Bonds)

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Sat Aug 11 11:09:32 MDT 2007

xzy wrote, "i had to give up long ago and content myself with lurking,
because for me personally as an individual, it was just too draining on my
energy - and my sanity.  having to deal and engage with it amongst white
leftists in the analog world is tiring enough for me, thank you."

Hmmm.  Wonder what the point is of saying anything then?  If xzy wishes to
save his/her energy or to keep his/her sanity, I'd really suggest keeping it
in proportion....

The fact is that sometimes the language of these discussions become a kind
of electronic Rorschach test, the meaning of which is all in the head of the

It is just as true that email lists becomes safe cyberplace for the venting
of one's spleen against persons who may or may not be responsible for the
grievance.  (I'd guess that most of the people on both sides of this
argument seem to me to be "white leftists in the analogy world" and I have
no reason to know or care how xzy regards himself or herself.  Of course, as
far as I can tell, much of the list could be tapping into the internet from
Zeti Reticula for amusement purposes....)

In the end, anybody can join an email list, present themselves as anything
and say anything...including people who are contrarians for the fun of
stirring up the pot for the fun of watching what happens.

Keep it in proportion.  Ask yourself what does it mean in the real world.

If anyone on this list believes on any level that what they or other list
members have to say on this subject has any impact whatsoever on Barry Bonds
or his record of achievements, I expect a proposal that we all flush our
toilets at the same time to drain the Great Lakes...or we all send the
Pentagon an email with the subject line "oooohmmmm" to see if we can
levitate it.

Keep it in proportion.

And to all our friends from Zeti Reticula, "glubblie bartlefitch!"


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