[Marxism] Freeman Dyson on scientific heretics and climate change

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Sat Aug 11 16:10:46 MDT 2007

Bob Hopson wrote:

> So if Dyson's substantial credentials as a physicist
> make him a knucklehead, what should we think of you?

knucklehead ... its a term of endearment in my circles. i use it for 
Dyson cuz i know he loves physics. otherwise i might say something more 
nasty about his politics.

> I don't think Dyson is a "savior", I don't even really
> dispute the consensus by climatologists; what I find
> "cute" is how quickly professional scientists get
> riled when anyone questions orthodoxy.  Shouldn't the
> occasional "what if my assumptions are wrong?" be part
> of every good scientists' toolkit?

what makes you think its not in this case of climate modeling?

> As a general rule, I've found that an experienced
> outsider can often make worthwhile critiques of the
> work of experts, groupthink, etc.  Are you saying that
> "being in the trenches" *automatically* means you are
> more correct than anyone outside the trenches?

nope... but folks like you seem to be on this "lets not trust any 
mainstream scientists" philosophy, so you deserve scorn for not 
understanding whats going on IN the trenches.

> I work as a software designer, and let me tell you,
> the end users who have no idea of what I do or how I
> do it are the best critics of all, because they don't
> share any of my assumptions about design, etc.

give me a break. i happen to be working on a large and lengthy software 
design project for the last several years, and i understand how 
end-users  are vitally important to the process of software development. 
what that has to do with a well-founded critique of climate modeling is 
beyond me. if you can find something in what Dyson says that gives you a 
lead on how we ought to redirect climate modeling efforts, clue me in 
and we should be able to  -- according to Alexander Cockburn -- easily 
find funding.


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