[Marxism] Freeman Dyson on scientific heretics and climate change

Bob Hopson bobhpsn at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 11 18:04:43 MDT 2007

--- Mark Lause <MLause at cinci.rr.com> wrote:

> There is something endearing about seeing as a key
> qualification for
> discussing something being an outsider to the
> field....

Gee, an ad hominen argument, how convincing,
especially since you managed to avoid any of Dyson's
points.  Look, it's fairly obvious that Dyson is not
just any "outsider", but an experienced scientist with
serious accomplishments under his belt, who clearly is
able to understand the details of the issue.  If
you're saying that only specialists should have a
right to critique their speciality, then you are being
rather closed-minded, I think.  Perhaps you should
consider becoming a medical doctor.

Les writes:
> nope... but folks like you seem to be on this "lets 
not trust any 
> mainstream scientists" philosophy, so you deserve
scorn for not 
> understanding whats going on IN the trenches.

Note that at no point did I say that I dismiss the
consensus of experts (rather I've said I tend to
accept them at face value, which is why I think
nuclear power is worth looking at as a way of reducing
carbon emissions), nor have I said we should ignore
what the experts in the trenches think.   Dyson is not
in the trenches, he's flying over them, with the
experience and ability to see the forest since he's
not surrounded by trees.  Maybe he's completely off
base, senile, etc.  -- or maybe there's a touch of
ideology in your own worldview.

The fact that you see in my argument positions that
aren't there, and are so casually dismissive of
points, make me wonder about the quality of the
science you are producing.

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