[Marxism] Bonds, Genes, Racism

Naveen Jaganathan naveenkj3 at gmail.com
Sat Aug 11 20:57:19 MDT 2007

"But what really got me thinking is this statement by Naveen Jaganathan,
"sociologically racism pervades everything" Maybe that is true?  It's just
hard for me to agree with that since the cheating and the assholeness by
Bonds hasn't been taken into account on this list. So if we could somehow
remove the assholeness and cheating we'd be able to find out if it was

The problem is precisely that we can't separate these things out arbitrarily
in our head.  In the real world racism permeates every aspect of our
society, and it is from this standpoint that we must analyze specific
actions.  The "common sense" view of most White folks about Bonds
presumption of guilt is a product of a society that automatically assumes
Blacks to be criminals, and is a continuation of the logic of "war on
drugs."  Marx wrote the ruling ideas of society are that of the ruling
class.  The working class accepts the ruling ideas in society through
various capitalist institutions (schools, media, sports, etc.) that force
these ideas on people, day in and day out until they are internalized.  "You
can never end racism," "You never have a worker's revolution," Fuck
revolution... "You can't even fight city hall" etc.  They are accepted to
the point that they become a part of the collective, as "common sense."
Bonds is an "ass-hole" because that is what is historically concluded about
Black athletes that fail to fit a mold acceptable to White America -- the
dichotomy between Jordan & Sprewell, between Liston & Ali, etc.  As someone
pointed out earlier, you can't talk about judgment of Bond's use of steroids
divorced from the hysteria produced by the "war on terror," of which the
"war on steroids" is a part.

But you see reality rudely interjects.  For White folks a police officer is
someone to be respected, to tell your kid to look up to as a role-model, but
for people of color the police are to be dreaded, feared, fought against.
Is an individual cop racist or not, is not the question, is the criminal
justice system racist?   If so, can you somehow divorce how the local cop on
the beat treats Black folks from this larger context of racism?  What
accounts for the difference between how White & Black folks see cops?  When
you see the reality of the racist criminal justice system in your
neighborhood the ruling ideas in society are no longer accepted.  Racism
produces different realities for people.

But that alone is not enough.  The role of the Left is to combat this racism
in all realms of struggle: political, ideological, organizational, so that
we provide people with alternatives to the "common sense" wisdom of society.


> don't know, let's see what happens in 7 years or so when AROD smashes
bonds record.

As a loyal A-rod fan, I say Amen!  But let's give Bonds his due, and
celebrate his accomplishment first!


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