[Marxism] Bonds, Genes, Racism

Danielle Ni Dhighe danielle at irsm.org
Sat Aug 11 21:34:27 MDT 2007

At 07:57 PM 8/11/2007, Naveen Jaganathan wrote:
 >For White folks a police officer is someone to be respected,
 >to tell your kid to look up to as a role-model, but for
 >people of color the police are to be dreaded, feared,
 >fought against.

In my experience, some working class white people have that same 
perspective on the police as many people of color do.  At least they 
did where I grew up and in my family.  Naveen, no one's denying that 
racism remains a factor in American capitalist society, but raising 
race above all other considerations leads to gross 
oversimplifications of complex issues.

 >As a loyal A-rod fan, I say Amen!

I'm from Seattle, so we boo A-rod on general principle.  :p

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