[Marxism] Bonds, Genes, Racism

Rakesh Bhandari bhandari at berkeley.edu
Sat Aug 11 22:42:48 MDT 2007

  I did read this review a long time ago. And here JMS clearly lets on 
that he has repudiated his Marxist past and if you had actually read 
this short review of Lewontin's festschrift you would not have 
presented JMS  as a Communist on the basis of the wikipedia entry.
Again I think your referencing a review you have clearly not read, 
much less understood, is yet more evidence that you don't know what 
you are talking about.
Note that you did not respond to my other challenges.

  Much of JMS' review is actually critical of sociobiology (and on the 
grounds that the nature and tempo of human evolution has changed as a 
result of language; note also his sympathy for the one essay directly 
on sociobiology, the critical one by Ruth Hubbard), and thus not 
supportive of your cause. That is, JMS is much more interested in 
defending a gene centered view of evolution, not sociobiology as 
applied to humans. 

Though I forgot to add JMS' interest in intragenomic conflict even 
within the human organism; I posted on this on lbo-talk nine or so 
years ago.

But you see I had actually read JMS and Lewontin and many others.

You seem to understand very little about JMS, sociobiology and the 
critiques of both. Again I don't think you have read a single book 
about the topic, and you have only referenced a short review which 
you obviously did not even read!

Why do you feel compelled to try to set everyone else straight on how 
they should argue when you have done so little work yourself?


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