[Marxism] Bonds, Genes, Racism

Danielle Ni Dhighe danielle at irsm.org
Sat Aug 11 23:28:44 MDT 2007

At 09:30 PM 8/11/2007, Naveen Jaganathan wrote:
 >But of course, they also don't experience racism, which
 >intensifies this class oppression.

Agreed.  I don't think we're as far apart on this as it may have 
seemed at first.

 >By, "all else," I assume you mean class and the centrality
 >of class in our analysis.

Yes, the centrality of class, but with an understanding that fighting 
racism, sexism, homophobia, etc., is an integral part of the class 
struggle, but that looking at only one of those factors can lead to a 
skewed view.

 >If you are a Marxist that believes in the class struggle,
 >then the struggle against racism is part of that struggle

Again, agreed.

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