[Marxism] Bonds, Genes, Racism

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Sun Aug 12 00:42:52 MDT 2007

I hesitate to poke my nose into this discussion again...but I'm going to try
to make a case for moving on to something of importance....

But does anyone else find astounding that with all the serious racist shit
coming down in this country, people have gotten this worked themselves up
into a good verbal slug fest over a subject on which their opinion won't
matter?  Over a subject like a bastardized variation of cricket....

We all know this is a question of vital importance because the media tells
us so.

And Marxists will take any and all excuses to heap abuse on each other, I
suppose.  'Specially if it's a discussion on which our views won't matter
and the subject is one that ranks somewhere below whether or not O.J. was
REALLY guilty.

I mean, talk about Tabloid Marxism!

Finally, everybody's responding to Sayan who obviouslhy knows how to push
your buttons and enjoys doing so every time he finds himself bored and the


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