[Marxism] Bonds, Genes, Racism

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I'm glad we agree on the framework for addressing racism.  Let's see if we
can agree more and flush out what this means:

1) We fight racism, whenever, wherever it props up, in whatever
manifestation, either in the political, ideological, or organizational
realms of struggle.  This is Engels, not me, although the Victorian meant
bourgeois ideology in general not racism specifically.

2)  To give you an example of what I mean: Let's take an organizing meeting
I was at a few years back.  At a local immigrant rights meeting, we caught
wind that the CT Citizen for Immigration Reform will be hosting a meeting to
organize against immigrant rights.  The White liberals in the room didn't
want to engage them.  They argued we should leave them alone and not give
them press, blah, blah.  But the Latino immigrants in the room knew full
well what this group is about.  It is a group connected to the Minutemen
thugs and organizes routine harassment of immigrants.  It was an alien
concept to White people in the room (not all) that this was the current
manifestation of the KKK.  CCIR boasted having a Black speaker on its board
defending its case, therefore they weren't racist, so they argued.  So we
argued against the liberals, and picked up our baseball bats (figuratively
of course).  If we caved to this argument, our group wouldn't have won the
City ID campaign years later this July.  Confronting them gave confidence to
everyone, we grew as an organization, won the respect of immigrants, and
even shifted the liberals on racism. etc. etc. The racists still remain
though and are also growing.... that's another story.

3) I hope you'd agree with me that it was correct to fight this group and
the liberals and their view of the world in the organizational realm.  In
the same way we shouldn't concede an the inch in the ideological or
political realms to racism.  If you concede struggle in an one arena, it
will creep its way back into the other.

4) Our academics fight the racist tracts of sociobiology, we fight in the
streets, and we should fight it out with our fellow sports fans when the
Bosses/system whip up racist horse shit.

5) We are up against a capitalist system that is racist to its very
foundation.  As Joaquin points out how could it not be given its history,
and how it was produced into being.  If Capitalism came dripping with sweat
and blood of slaves and colonialism, and not from the genetic superiority of
the British Middle Class, then America is the complete realization of that
brutal history.

Barry Bonds' treatment and discrimination is only a small piece of all the
bigger issues of racism for sure, but that doesn't make it any less worthy
of a fight.  Militant anti-racists can't be content with the fact that they
are not personally racists, or that they'll fight it when the big struggle
comes and the barricades are drawn -- we fight day in and day out.


On 8/12/07, Danielle Ni Dhighe <danielle at irsm.org> wrote:
> At 09:30 PM 8/11/2007, Naveen Jaganathan wrote:
> >But of course, they also don't experience racism, which
> >intensifies this class oppression.
> Agreed.  I don't think we're as far apart on this as it may have
> seemed at first.
> >By, "all else," I assume you mean class and the centrality
> >of class in our analysis.
> Yes, the centrality of class, but with an understanding that fighting
> racism, sexism, homophobia, etc., is an integral part of the class
> struggle, but that looking at only one of those factors can lead to a
> skewed view.
> >If you are a Marxist that believes in the class struggle,
> >then the struggle against racism is part of that struggle
> Again, agreed.
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