[Marxism] What is to be done in 2008

Anthony Boynton northbogota at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 12 11:24:58 MDT 2007

What is to be done?

It seems to me that the imperative for anyone in the
United States actively involved in politics on the
left, is to mount a third party challenge for
President of the Untied States in 2008.

>From so far away it is hard to see the details of what
is happening on the left in the USA, but the overall
picture seems pretty clear: the protest movement has
either been swept up into the Democratic party
campaigns, or demobilized by them. The left itself so
far does not have sufficient activists, money, and
self confidence to try to mount an electoral challenge
against the two party system. (Plus, if past
expereince is any guide to the present, a setor of the
"left" is udoubtedly very vigiliantly working to
sabotage any third party movement.)

But this is the time to get started. The Green Party
is the natural place to start because it has ballot
access in more states than any other left alternative.

What is the Green Party doing for 2008?

Other parties on the left with ballot access, such as
the Peace and Freedom Party in California should be  

Cindy Sheehan's threat to run against Nancy Pelosi is
a good idea, but it would be a better idea if she were
the presidential candidate of a united left.

Below is an article from the NYT which  points out the
need and opportunity for the left to try to unite in a
third party effort.


Democrats Say Leaving Iraq May Take Years
Published: August 12, 2007

DES MOINES, Aug. 11 — Even as they call for an end to
the war and pledge to bring the troops home, the
Democratic presidential candidates are setting out
positions that could leave the United States engaged
in Iraq for years.

John Edwards, the former North Carolina senator, would
keep troops in the region to intervene in an Iraqi
genocide and be prepared for military action if
violence spills into other countries. Senator Hillary
Rodham Clinton of New York would leave residual forces
to fight terrorism and to stabilize the Kurdish region
in the north. And Senator Barack Obama of Illinois
would leave a military presence of as-yet unspecified
size in Iraq to provide security for American
personnel, fight terrorism and train Iraqis.

These positions and those of some rivals suggest that
the Democratic bumper-sticker message of a quick end
to the conflict — however much it appeals to primary
voters — oversimplifies the problems likely to be
inherited by the next commander in chief. Antiwar
advocates have raised little challenge to such
positions by Democrats.


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