[Marxism] The Road to Rightville

Marvin Gandall marvgandall at videotron.ca
Sun Aug 12 17:27:03 MDT 2007

Joaquin wrote:

Fred Zaman posted from an academic paper:

  In "The Bhaskarian Dialectic of Capital: The Pulse of Freedom
  in America," available in full on the 2007 IACR conference
  papers website, two figures and two tables exemplify the four
  elements of the Bhaskarian dialectic presented, which are
  American capitalism's critical-realist (CR): "non-identity,"
  "negativity," "totality," and "agency";  the overall theory of
  which is called transcendental naturalism (TN). Figure 1 in the
  paper graphically summarizes American capitalism's "non-
  identity" in TN, Figure 2 diagrams its "negativity," Table 1
  summarizes its "totality," and Table 2 summarizes American
  capitalism's "agency."

*  *  *

Is this a satire? I could not make heads or tails of it. If
it is something serious, could someone explain WTF it is about.
Non-identity refers to the spatial and temporal displacement of
non-contiguous elements in an assymetric trading relationship. Totality is
the inverse of that displacement. The transcendental naturalist elements
refer to the congruence of sign and subject in Bhaskar's dialectical
reconfiguration of the Marxist paradigm, and agency, of course, is the
instrumental play of reason as contradiction and myth. For a smart guy, you
can be pretty slow sometimes.

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