[Marxism] Why Worry? Japan's Nuclear Plants at Grave Risk From Quake Damage

dave.walters at comcast.net dave.walters at comcast.net
Mon Aug 13 04:08:13 MDT 2007

The problem I have this guy, who knows earthquakes quite well it seems, knows a lot less about 
nuclear power plants. While not an imbecile like Caldicott or Wasserman, he did write this:

" If the focus of the quake had been a little farther southwest, toward the plant site, and the magnitude 
had been 7.5- the size of a quake that hit Niigata Prefecture in 1964--and if all seven reactors at the 
plant had been operating, genpatsu-shinsai, a combination of an earthquake and a nuclear 
meltdown, could have occurred."

No, wrong. That's not what would of happened. There would of been more *structural* damage, 
for sure, and, the absolute worse possible situtation a breech of both containment and reactor 
vessel could of occured exposing the core to atmosphere, which, could of allowed for steam 
generated in the reactor, which is contaminated, from escaping. Being a Boiling Water Reactor, 
there would be little pressure. But no meltdown. The exact same thing in a 7.5 earthquake would 
of happened in terms of the reactor shutting down as during the 6.8 quake that did happen in the 
K-K quake a few weeks ago: the reactor SCARMs, the turbine trips and the geneator breaker 
opens.  As it happens, the reactor survived quite nicely, actually, and only balance of plant 
equipment was damaged. The reactor and it's containment and most of the plant survived a 
quake several orders of magnitude greater than it was designed for. I sometimes get the feeling
that some anti-nuclear activists actually wish the plant hadn't survived from the way they talk (not 
this guy however, who seems more responsible).

A tremendous amount of retrofitting will have to be done to make these huge plant quake proof,
The people at TEPCO's headquarters who were responsible for under-designing the plant and 
LIEING about it should be fired, arrested, their assets seized and the company nationalized. 

Fortunatly, the rest of Japan's nuclear fleet picked up much of the load lost by this plant, unfortunatly, 
they don't have more nuclear plants so some/lot's of the lost megawatts have to be made up by 
burning oil, gas and coal and therefor pumping more carbon into the air. That is the choice in Japan today.


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