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Einde O'Callaghan einde at gmx.de
Mon Aug 13 06:14:07 MDT 2007

george snedeker schrieb:
> 2. It is very common to talk about Marx's "Labor Theory of Value." The only problem is that Marx never discussed a Labor Theory of Value, only what he calls
> the "law of value." Does anyone know how and when the idea of the "labor theory of value" came to be used? Was it Engels who first began using this terminology
> or did it come later? Somehow I think it was in Engels popularization of Marx's ideas that this came about but I'm not sure about this.   
A quick google of the phrases "labour theory of value2 and "labor theory 
of value" in the Marxists' Internet Archive. The only use of this phrase 
in a work by either Marx or Engels in in a heading in "Theories of 
Surplus Value". On closer examination this turns out to be in a heading 
provided by the editor, Karl Kautsky. The earliest reference in a text 
now available in English aooears to be in Kautsky's "Economic Doctrines 
of Karl Marx" - originally published in 1887 and revised in 1903. 
However this translation dates from 1926 and I've not been able to 
compare with the German original, which doesn't appear to be on-line 

All other references to the phrase "labour theory of value" or "labor 
theory of value" in the MIA are post-Kautsky.

Indcidentally, Marx uses the phrase "labour value" in "The Poverty of 
Philosophy" (1847) and Engels uses it in the 1885 preface to the same work.

Einde O'Callaghan

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