[Marxism] What is to be done in 2007

Lou Paulsen LouPaulsen at sbcglobal.net
Mon Aug 13 08:08:13 MDT 2007

Joaquin writes,

"The Iraq War remains the overriding issue in the U.S. today, yet as the
article Anthony put at the end of his comments demonstrates, that is not
going to be solved through the electoral arena."


"Yet the Democrats have squandered their mandate, refusing to put an end to
the War --or forcing upon Bush at least a nominal change in course-- and
have moved further RIGHT on a series of issues (torture, domestic spying and
immigration) and their presidential candidates (except for Kucinich and
Richardson) are promising to remain in Iraq and or neighboring countries for

"You would think the situation would be ripe for a resurgence of the antiwar
movement, but if that is happening, I have not seen it."

In our own internal discussion, we have called this "the biggest
contradiction of the moment."  So - agreed!

"UfPJ, USLAW and other broad sectors of the
antiwar movement seem paralyzed."

OK, now we come to it.  Here is the basic problem.  Anything that is a
"broad sector" is NATURALLY pulled to where the masses are, and, as you
pointed out yourself in that "Absence of Forces" post, the masses have not
yet moved to resisting the Democrats.  And resistance to the Democrats is
not the stock in trade of the sector of the movement that you are talking
about.  They say, "We do not want to go away from the masses and go where
those ultralefts and imperialists are.  We want to stay with the masses and
hope something develops."  But what "develops" is campaign rallies.  These
sectors are not "paralyzed" in the sense that they are attempting to do
something but are unable.  They are deliberately not getting in the way of
the Democratic applecart.

So here we are with the same old problem that people have been commenting on
for years and years.  The "broad sectors" that you would LIKE to be doing
something are not doing it, and as to the people who ARE doing it, they are
the people you do not like:

"The Marcyites (of both flavors) are engaged in their usual game of
unilateral calls, appeals for united fronts, and maneuvers, but seem to have
even less traction than ever."

At some point you might want to re-examine the idea that the WWP and the PSL
can be lumped together as "feuding Marcyites" and that you can always assume
that they are doing the same things for the same reasons.  (Similarly, it
would be wrong to refer to most of the disputants on this list as being
"feuding Cannonites".)  You apparently believe that statements like that at
www.sept29.org are mere "maneuvers" in a "game" and are not sincerely meant,
mainly on the "evidence" of your mental profile of what "Marcyites" are
about.  I know better, but of course my knowledge isn't evidence to you.

But as to "traction", I can tell you that there are a lot of people out
there who are in fact interested in anti-war action.  Not "necessary forces"
perhaps, but a lot.  Enough to make a statement in DC in September.  What
bothers most of them, of course, is the divisions in the movement, and we
repeatedly hear, "Why can't people get together on a single day?  Why all
these divisions?"  And they're right.  It's a big problem.  Nevertheless, as
September approaches, a lot of people will be wanting to do anti-war things
one way or another and go to DC at one time or another.  I hope YOU will be
helping us do this in one fashion or another, since you are aware that:

"Yet all logic and reason dictate this is What is To Be Done: taking the
fight around the war to the streets, communities, churches, and schools.
People should be ripe for a message that we have to protest, scream and
raise hell because the entirety of official Washington is completely out of
touch with popular sentiment."

Agreed!  That's a bloc, if you want one.

Lou Paulsen
Member, WWP

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