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Marvin Gandall marvgandall at videotron.ca
Mon Aug 13 10:52:15 MDT 2007

jk68 wrote:

> I was talking with my grandparents and great aunt about a year ago. They
> all
> grew up in New York City during the depression. My aunt mentioned seeing a
> scene like this when she was young, whereupon my grandmother said
> something
> like "but they were Communists!". My aunt replied, "I don't care who they
> were. They were for the people." I hope we can build a left that has that
> kind of clout with regular folks.
I had a relative, Bill Gandall, who fought with the Lincoln Brigade in
Spain. A tough old bird, a staunch CP'er, who was aso active in the
Transport Workers Union during the rise of the CIO. I used to visit Bill in
New York in the late 60's and 70's, then lost contact with him. I later saw
a picture of him in a left publication - can't remember which one - showing
him visiting Nicaragua with a delegation of other Lincoln veterans in the
late 80's, at the height of the contra war.

I did a google search and discovered there is a folder on him in the the
Tamiment Library/Robert F. Wagner Labor Archives at NYU. Just last month, a
long letter from the archives - to him from one of his comrades in Spain who
later became the leader of the Irish Communist Party - was published in
Ireland. It's can be found here:

I also came across a mysterious and disturbing reference to an April 14 1991
article called "The Killing of Bill Gandall" which appeared in Revolutionary
Worker, the RWP newspaper. http://www.rwor.org/a/rwindex/text/rw1991.htm.

Unfortunately, the article isn't online. I've contacted the director of the
Lincoln Brigade Veterans Archive to enquire further, but if anyone out there
has access to that article or more info about what it purports to describe,
I'd sure appreciate hearing from you.

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