[Marxism] What is to be done in 2008--questionable assumption

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Mon Aug 13 13:35:18 MDT 2007

I questioned the assumption, asking for information, and have absolutely no
reason to say anything that "simply isn't true" about my own experience.

Experiences can differ.  Eli seems to have been closer to "movers and
shakers" of 2000, who also tended to stay closer to the process in 2004 than
I or anyone I know in Ohio was permitted to be.  My sense was that the
utterly inane Green Party nomination in 2004 confused and demoralized most
of those I knew who had supported the party in 2000.

It is true that almost all professors I know who voted for Nader in 2000
voted for Kerry in 2004.

It is equally true that none of the students and former student I know who
voted for Nader did so.

And there were very few of the former and lots of the latter.


PS: Anthony's absolutely right about trying to influence things, and I'm
very pleased he raised the issue.  It amazes me that folks seems content to
sit back and cross their fingers hoping that the Greens make a good choice.
Even an online petition offering support to the Greens in return for, say, a
greater emphasis on the antiwar planks of its platform or criteria for a
candidate might well have influence.

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