[Marxism] revolution in the 21st century

D.Q. Williams deshawn.q.williams at gmail.com
Mon Aug 13 14:38:16 MDT 2007

On 8/13/07, bhandari at berkeley.edu <bhandari at berkeley.edu> wrote:

> Marx thought that there were two contradictory but self
> consistent ways of looking at the wage transaction which the
> transaction would not allow us to resolve, objectively. That is, the
> classes' perception are contradictory. And  when
> right meets right or one self consistent perspective meets another on
> the same objective terrain, only force can decide.

The vast expansion of the middle classes since Marx's time might
necessitate some rethinking here, which a 21st century Marxism would
take into account.

This contradictory, almost manichean quality to the perception of the
two classes is potentially called into question by middle class
employees who work for wages but are also in the position of capital
owners, if indirectly so, in the form of beneficiaries of pension
plans which invest in stock, and as owners of stocks themselves (even
though in quantities that are much smaller than the top echelons of
the capitalist class).

Furthermore, even globally, the middle classes are still expanding.
(Consider India and China). So, instead of manichean polarization into
two classes with contradictory transactions, we may be getting an
expanding, ambiguous middle. What consequences
would this have for a 21st century Marxism, is worth reflecting on.

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