[Marxism] Good news story from South Africa: Africa's gay haven

glparramatta glparramatta at greenleft.org.au
Mon Aug 13 17:06:31 MDT 2007

It is accounted for by the strong gay and lesbian rights movement that 
fought throughout the apartheid period and beyond, and made was integral 
to the anti-apartheid movement. It made clear and convince many 
anti-apartheid activists, especially those on the left of the Tripartite 
Alliance that all discrimination, not just racial discrimination, must 
be (at least at the formal legislative level) eliminated. It is also 
accounted for by the more recent post-apartheid mass campaign by the 
Treatement Action Campaign for access to anti-AIDS drugs, over the 
objections of the dominant AIDS-denialists within the ANC regime (whose 
pseudo-scintific ramblings against treatment for AIDS sufferers, is 
cover to refuse to pay the costs of these in favour of massive tax cuts 
for big business and the wealthy in every post apartheid budget).

Of course, that isn't the end of it. There is presently a developing 
camapign against a spate of hate crimes in the Johannesburg townships 
and Mbeki's government is continuing on its AIDS denialism antics.

For more background see http://tinyurl.com/yslnrz


Walter Lippmann wrote:

>Norm: Thanks for the good news story from South Africa.
>How can we account for this good news? The posted item
>posted doesn't provide any political context. Could it
>be attributed to the stance of the ANC on this and the
>fact that South Africa is the only country on the 
>African continent and one of the few in the world who
>have gay rights enshrined in their constitution?
>This doesn't mean full equality is accepted in society,
>but it does put the report in a favorable context. It
>is true that some capitalist governments have accepted
>gay marriage and other LGBT rights progress, mainly in
>response to pressure for LGBT rights acceptance led by
>LGBT people
>Also, check out this article posted on the website of
>the South African Communist Party (reproduced from the
>South Africa Mail & Guardian):
>Walter Lippmann
>Los Angeles, California
>where gay rights are not enshrined 

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