[Marxism] The barred underclass & the Catch-22 of business

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As per info relayed by Mike Friedmann:

Sunday, August 12, 2007
Prison Women On Farms - Ready To Harvest

To Steve Smith, agri-business manager for Colorado Correctional 
Industries, the pilot project using women prison inmates to replace 
missing migrant workers has been a success.

A small success, perhaps - the program has mustered two crews of 10 
women each and has served only five farms in Pueblo County. If it 
expands as harvest demands expand, Smith said he may have to pull in 
male inmates from other assignments.

Expanding the program much beyond that isn't likely to happen until 
next year at the earliest, said Department of Corrections Executive 
Director Ari Zavaras.

Zavaras said the department is receiving requests for the program 
elsewhere in the state, and although the final go-ahead hasn't been 
given, he hopes to take it statewide starting next summer."

A cold appraisal of the economic mening of the Gulag might be that it 
created a barred underclass of some 5/10 million people, working 
without any return to foster "socialist primitive accumulation".

The dismal conditions of the country could be an "explanation" for 
this return to slavery under a regime which attempted to lay the 
bricks for a socialist society.

Are US bourgeois, as against the complex situation that arises on the 
global scale, beginning to substitute the labor of massive shifts of 
prison inmates for their everpresent need of excedentary surplus 
value? Is the swelling US Gulag something more (not else: more) than 
simply political, class and racial coercion?

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