[Marxism] Zionist teacher to head Arab language/culture school in NY

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Aug 14 11:34:25 MDT 2007

Steffie Brooks wrote:
> Ålthough it's a fair inference that Salzberg is Jewish (her name) and
> that she is a Zionist since she did graduate work at the Hebrew
> University in Jerusalem (and didn't learn Arabic), it is still an
> inference, not a fact.

According to the Daily News, Salzberg is a member of the Jewish Orthodox 
Feminist Alliance. Their website is at: http://www.jofa.org/

I have heard them interviewed on Jewish talk radio over the years. They 
are very much part of the Zionist establishment, but fret over 
ultra-orthodox misogyny.

Here's a snippet from their magazine about a delegation to Israel:

Some of the group members were active in JOFA, others were learning 
about the organization for the first time. The mission showcased the
dynamic, creative life force of women in Israel, and it was through that 
lens that we learned about the political, economic and social realities 
of Israel today.

I’d like to focus upon three highlights of the trip — experiences that
reflect the mixed emotions I had about being an American Jew and a 
Jewish woman. How could this tiny country so filled with optimism and 
energy fight back the evil shadows?

full: http://www.jofa.org/pdf//JofaFall2002.pdf

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