[Marxism] Indo-US Nuclear Deal: 123 Agreement

Naveen Jaganathan naveenkj3 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 15 04:55:50 MDT 2007

"Sukla, you don't get it. India is doing *exactly* what
Brazil and
Argentina is doing (which I notice has raised a single
hackle here on
this list). The driving force is energy, no bombs.
Bombs have held up
India's access to the energy (IMO). The article in
/Analytical Monthly."

Let me just clear up that I posted the article from the Analytical Monthly
to represent the range of opinions on this issue.  I'm trying to figure this
all out.  But it is very clear to me that Sukla is right in arguing the
civil-nuclear energy program is simply a cover for the nuclear weapons
program which is what is driving the deal.  It is different from Argentina
or Brazil, because the deal itself is about more than just supply of nuclear
fuel.  It is about a new strategic partnership between India and the U.S.
that would bring India into the U.S. orbit against China.  The Indian
bourgeoisie is well aware of its own strategic position, and is bargaining
to be sub-imperial power in its own right.  The Indian bourgeoisie has
already been brought into the Washington Consensus, the military alliance is
only a completion of an imperialist alliance.  Given the impending
destabilization of the Musharraf regime, India sees an opportunity to strike
a decisive blow to Pakistan-US long term relationship and reconfigure the
geometry of power in the subcontinent.  When Rice said NAM is over, and new
ways of thinking must be adopted by India, Pranab Mukherjee responded in
agreement. http://www.merinews.com/catFull.jsp?articleID=125499.
Not to muddle up this discussion with Kashmir, but there are 450,000 Indian
troops currently occupying Kashmir valley, and the Left in India is
generally silent on this question, defending it as a matter of "national
sovereignty."  So when I hear arguments about "national sovereignty" being
undermined through the deal, it smacks of a form of nationalism from
sections of the Indian bourgeoisie that want its own nuclear program without
intervention in service of its own imperialism.   The call for uninterrupted
flow of nuclear fuel is coming from the right, from the BJP.

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