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Dear Comrades,

Many apologies for the missed newsletter for the month of July. I will try to make it up in the coming months.

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For Humanity's Liberation
Danish Feroze


Biocapital: The vectors of Biopolitical

By Malcolm Bull

Taking coordinates from Aristotle, Malcolm Bull finds in Agamben’s biopolitics and Nussbaum’s capabilities approach the disconnected fragments of a lost vision of society, adumbrated by Marx, glimpsed and rejected by Arendt. Strange meetings as the trajectories of the disenfranchised and the empowered, human and non-human, converge.



Biocapital: Indian Clinical Trials and Surplus Health

By Kaushik Sunder Rajan

Drawing on fieldwork in India, Kaushik Sunder Rajan analyses the mechanics of global pharmaceutical trials. The outsourcing of drug testing not as neo-colonial plunder, but part of a dual dynamic, under the aegis of ‘biocapital’: expropriation of Third World subjects, exploitation of medicated populations in the First. 



Outsourcing Risks: Testing new drugs on the world’s poor 

By Sonia Shah

Many medicines developed for the rich are tested on poor people from developing countries. This is a failure in the allocation of scientific resources and, worse, a threat to the public health of the entire world.



The Chinese Road: Cities in the Transition to Capitalism

By Riachard Walker and Daniel Buck

The PRC’s breakneck transition to capitalism seen through the prism of 19th-century Europe and America, as its cities rehearse the processes analysed by Marx: commodification of land and labour, formation of markets and capitalist elites. What lessons might the West’s past hold for China’s future?



Capital: Finance and the Fourth Dimension

By Robin Blackburn

The concept of alternative futures, banished from postmodernity’s eternal present, flourishes on the financial summits of the global economy. Robin Blackburn argues against a neo-Luddite dismissal of the new financial engineering techniques by the Left, while coolly assessing the economic and social costs of their current configurations.



Global Economy: The new Global Financial Architecture?

By Robert Wade

As the world economy shows growing signs of vulnerability, what mechanisms exist for averting repeats of the Asian or Mexican crises? Banking and regulatory regimes as instruments of standardization, pulling national economies into Anglo-American orbits.



Unbalancing Power from Gulf to China: The new great game

By Vicken Cheterian

For 10 years Central Asia has been caught up in a new "great game" designed to fill the gap left by the collapse of the Soviet Union. By deploying its forces in the Red Army’s former bases in Uzbekistan, Washington is demonstrating how its influence has spread since the cold war ended.



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